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Record Club Saxonia Additional Record Breaking Club
The book of alternative records Published in 2005, The book of alternative records is still available to buy via their web site.
Fran Capo Fastest Talking Female
Paddy Doyle World Endurance Champion
David Adamovich

Officially... The World's FASTEST Knife Thrower
John Evans John Evans is a legendary strongman whose shows have astounded thousands of people. Incredibly, he balances immensely heavy objects, such as bricks and even cars, on his head.
IFOCE International Federation Of Competitive Eating
Competitive Eating The Competitive Eating Network is your source for the latest competitive eating techniques
The Competitive Eating Network is your source for the latest competitive eating techniques
RHR Indian Records Indian records is devoted to collating the records of India and works in association with Record Holders Republic ( in considering Indian records as world records.
Peter Dowdeswell I've set or broke 309 eating and drinking world records since 1974, appearing in venues around the world. I'm prepared to take on any food challenge by any one, any where, and any time! Peter Dowedswell, The World's Fastest Eater and Drinker
Asia Book of Records Asia Book of Records
Ed Byrne The world's fastest breaker of concrete blocks
Alastair Galpin (NZ) 2nd biggest Guinness World Records™ breaker of the decade: 2000-2009 - "Record-breaking exposure"
Beach Huts Beach Huts for Hire, Beach Huts for Sale, Beach Huts for Rent
Philip J Gould The official website of Philip J Gould, author of The Book of Alternative Records and writer of the forthcoming Girl in the Mirror trilogy.
Lia Mutisari RHR Indonesia