Record Breakers

Includes Record Breakers from all over the world. Top Record Breakers, John Evans, Peter Dowdeswell, Micky Gooch, Steve Buttler, Dean Gould, Fred Burton, Paddy Doyle, The Great Throwdini, Dr Mak Yuree, Alastair Galpin, Richie Magic, Thom Blake, Fran Ca

Worlds Top Beer mat Flip

Amazing Card Record - Triple Cut

Part of The Magnificent 7 record

Mick Gooch. King of the One Finger Press Up

Fred Burton One of the Worlds Top Record Breakers

Fred Burton 121lb weight lifted with teeth

Heaviest Weight Walked on Stilts

Micky Gooch One Finger Press Up's

John Evans in Japan

Amazing Card Record - Single Cut

World Record Show 4

The Amazing Fred Burton

Fred Burton 2014

Most Pencil's in Mouth

Stilt Walking Distance

Fred Burton Walking on Knee's with Weight in Teeth

World Record Show 2. Indonesia

Fred Burton World Number One Teeth Lifter

3 Base ball bats broken with one kick of shin

Fred Burton Press Up's with Weight of Bricks

John Evans Head Balancer

World Record Show 3. Indonesia

John Evan's Head Balancing in Asia

Fred Burton Throwing Weight With Teeth

Fred Burton One of the Worlds Top Record Breakers

USA's Fran Capo at the wreck of the Titanic

Fred Burton Walking up ladder with weight in his teeth

Running With Weight in Teeth. Fred Burton

Fred Burton World Record

Fastest Beer Mat Flipping Ever

John Evan's Mini Car Balanced on Head

Mick Gooch. One Thumb Press Up's

Fred Burton One of the Worlds Top Record Breakers

Fred Buron A incredible weight pulled with finger 100 metres

Fread Burton Heaviest Weight Lifted with Head

Largest Underwater Photography Exhibition

Throwdini in Las Vegas, MGM Grand, Beacher's Madhouse.