Shourabh Modi

Writing Shivraj Singh on Matchsticks


Record for Shourabh Modi are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Most Drawings on Match Sliders Most Drawings on Match Sliders. Most: 111 Animals/mammals all different, over 111 Match Sliders. Time: 111 minutes. Date: 11.11. 2011. Venue: India.
Most Times Written on Ice Cream Sticks Most Times Written on Ice Cream Sticks. 1,111 times over 111 Ice Cream Sticks. Time: 111 minutes.
Name written Mr Dean Gould.
Writing on Matchsticks Writing on Matchsticks. Most: 11,111.Four times on each match the words Shivraj Singh Chauhan (C.M of M.P) was written on 2,778 matchsticks. Date: Oct 12th 2008 to Nov 11th 2008. Venue: Jabalpur, India.