Lynn Wheat

Knife Throwing


Record for Lynn Wheat are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Knife Thowing Knife Throwing: Veiled Double Straight Board: 2 Target Girls: 9 Knives (3 to R, 3 to L, 3 In between): Black Theater / Strobe Light. David R. Adamovich (Throwdini) with TGs Lynn Wheat and Phoenix Feeley.
Knife Throwing Knife Throwing: Ladder of Death: 2 Human Targets: 1 minute: 73 knives. David R. Adamovich (The Great Throwdini), Svetlana Khenkina, Lynn Wheat.
Knife Throwing Knife Throwing: Most knives thrown around a human target in 10 seconds: 30. David R. Adamovich (aka The Great Throwdini) with Target Girl Bad Ass Lynn. 30 14-inch knives for 1/2 spin.