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Knife Catching Knife Catching: Blindfolded: Deddy Corbuzier. Deddy Corbuzier and The Great Throwdini performed a knife throw/catch while both were blindfolded on the set of Hitam Putih (Jakarta, Indonesia). The Great Throwdini threw a 14 inch knife for one spin, blindfolded to a tap sound, at a distance of 12 feet from the board at which Deddy Corbuzier, blindfolded, was standing. Deddy Corbuzier reached up and caught the knife mid air following Throwdini''s audible cue, "Throw."
Knife Throwing Knife Throwing: 3 throwers: 25 knives around a human target: 4.17 seconds: Throwdini, Deddy Corbuzier, and Lady Valentine, assisted by Target Girl Wydia Novika. Twenty five 14" throwing knives were thrown for 1/2 spin.
Mentalist/Magician Mentalist / Magician: TV Shows: 485. Deddy Corbuzier. As of December 28, 2010, world renowned Mentalist/Magician Deddy Corbuzier (Indonesia) has established the world record for appearing and/or starring in 485 magic related TV shows airing nationally and internationally.