Rodrigo O. Valenzuela

Indoor Soccer Marathon


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Record NameRecord Description
Indoor Soccer Marathon Indoor Soccer Marathon: 39 games: 39 hours. Rodrigo O. Valenzuela and the Brooklyn Park Soccer Club, Brooklyn, MD. Between 9 p.m. Sept. 24, and Noon Sept. 26, 2010, the Brooklyn Park Soccer Club, Brooklyn, MD, established the World Record for Longest Indoor Soccer Marathon by playing 39 consecutive 1-hour soccer games. Two five-minute breaks were allowed, one at half-time and one between games. A total of 22 players participated in the event under the direction of Coach Rodrigo O. Valenzuela at the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD. Players: Galal Ebrahim, Yaseen Morsy, Anderson Bamaca, Cristian Cruz, Ryan Mendoza, Michael Taylor, Chris Dailey, Alex Villotoro, Roberto Arias, Rodrigo I Valenzuela, Tohidul Islam, Darren Keefer, Daniele Keefer, Carlos Martinez, Guillermo Moctezuma, Julian Salmon, Juan Miguel Salmon, Aaron Lucas, Jeffrey Camacho, Jose Torres, Joe Fogle, and Tyler Robinson.