Jason Antone

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Appearing on TV Unscripted TV Appearances Unscripted. Most: 116 times. Time: 7 years.TV Appearances: Unscripted: 7 Years: 116.

Jason Antone (Michigan, USA) established
the world record for 116 unscripted TV appearances in a 7 year period from
2003 to 2010 on the JROCK Show,
GRTV Grand Rapids, Michigan Jason Antone.
Celebrity Phone Messages Celebrity Phone Messages: 247: Jason Antone. Jason received 247 congratulatory phone calls and messages from show business celebrities for his TV show, the JROCK SHOW, in West Bloomfield, MI. Jason received his first phone call on February 1, 2006. As of June 2011 received 247 celebrity calls.