Tyler Fyre

Fire Eating, Block Head


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Record NameRecord Description
Block Head Block Head: most people to simultaneously perform: 20. Tyler Fyre, organizer. Included: Tyler Fyre, Colonel Hunsley, Prof. Fountain, Prof. John Sprocket, Gwyd The Unusual, Swami Yomahi, Crispy Knight, James Taylor, Harley Newman, Doc. Wilson, Casey Severen, John Shaw, Donny Boroneo, Wanda Von Dunajew, Michael Katner, James Mundie, Martin Ling, Jim Stilianos, Mace, and Johnny Mahem.
Fire Eating Fire Eating: Torch Transfers: 15 seconds: 37. Tyler Fyre. Holding one fire torch in each hand, Tyler Fyre orally extinguished one torch while simultaneously lighting another, averaging 2.5 torch transfers per second.