Roy Maloy

Stilt Walking, Fire Breathing


Record for Roy Maloy are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Bed of Nails Bed of Nails: Heaviest Weight Broken (Solid Ice Block): 1,224 lbs. Roy Maloy. Using sledgehammers, six men smashed a 1,224 lb. block of ice placed upon Roy whilst laying supine on a bed of nails.
Fire Breathing Fire Breathing: Most Fire Balls Breathed in 60 minutes. On Friday 7 December 2012 Australian Circus King Roy Maloy breathed 501 fireballs in 23 minutes in Hobart Tasmania to break the previous record of 100 fireballs breathed in one hour by Englishman Dougie Danzig in 1985 in Covent Gardens, London.
Fire Breathing Fire Breathing: 501 fireballs: 23 minutes. Roy Maloy.
Ice Smash Ice Smash: Against Body: 10 L ice blocks: 17 (10 kg blocks). Roy Maloy.
Stilt Walking Stilt Walking:Tallest: 56 feet 6 inches: Roy Maloy. Roy Maloy, while wearing an overhead safety wire, took five independent steps on 56 ft. 6 inch stilts weighing 50.6 lbs. each.
Stilt Walking Stilt Walking: 1 hour: 3 foot (wooden) stilts: 6.2 km (3.85 miles). Roy Maloy.
Stilt Walking Stilt Walkting: 34.5 kg (76 lb.) weighted 3 foot (wooden) stilts: 40 steps. Roy Maloy.
Stilt Walking Stilt Walking: Fastest 1km walked on 1meter wooden stilts. On 8 December 2012 Australian Circus King Roy Maloy walked 1km on 1meter wooden stilts in 7:39.7, beating American stilt walker, Steven Bell, by 1:56.
Stilt Walking Stilt Walking: Over 81 people (shoulder to shoulder): 90 cm wood stilts. Roy Maloy.