Franz Muellner

Car Holding, Truck Pulling, Airplane Pulling, Bungee Holding


Record for Franz Muellner are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Airplane Pulling: Airplane Pulling: Airbus 321: 78 tons: 20 meters: 10 seconds. Franz Muellner.
Bungee Holding Bungee Holding: Greatest Force: 5 G: Franz Meullner. The jumper weighed 198 pounds and jumped from a height of 223 feet as Franz held the bungee cord by his hands only.

Car Holding Car Holding: Wheelie: Ferrari Modena: 13.45 seconds. Franz Muellner.
Helicopter Landing Helicopter Landing: Supporting: 1,188 lbs.: 35 seconds. Franz Muellner.
Truck Pulling Truck Pulling: 59.8 tons: 20 meters. Franz Muellner.