George McArthur

Concrete Block, Sword Swallowing


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Record NameRecord Description
Concrete Block Concrete Block: Bed of Nails: Most: 43. Geroge McArthur (aka George The Giant) had broken upon his chest, whilst lying on a bed or 12" spikes, 2 1/2" spacing, 43 concrete blocks weighing 1, 387 lbs. The blocks were 6 inches x 2 1/2 inches x 12 inches. Broken blocks were pushed away and sledging continued until all blocks were broken.
Sword Swallow (Group) Sword Swallow (Group): 19 people: 50 swords. Dan Meyer, Organizer, Dai Andrews, Natasha Veruschka, Red Stuart, Johnny Fox, Zamora (Tim Cridland), Todd Robbins, George (The Giant) McArthur, Lizardman (Erik Sprague), Keith Nelson, Thomas Blackthorne, Petur Pokus Finnbjörnsson, Julia Jewels Strouzer, Bill Berry, Frack (Chad Clos), Ses Carny (Jesse House), Malakai (Michael Todd), Damien Blade (Danny Snyder), and Roderick Russell.
Sword Swallowing Sword Swallowing: Longest: 33 inches. George McArthur (George The Giant), at 7''4" tall, swallowed a 33 inch sword at the Starlight Theatre in Bakersfield, CA, during the filing of the TV show More Than Human. Record supplied by Sword Swallowers Association International