Ralf Laue

Card Fan, Game, Golf Ball Blowing, Letter Opening, Pan Cake Tossing, Tiddly Winks


Record for Ralf Laue are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Card Fan Card Fan: Most: 326. Ralf Laue.
Game Game: Operation: Fastest: 48.6 sec. Ralf Laue (Germany) completed a game of Operation in the world record time of 48.6 seconds at the Impossibility Challenger Games in Dachau, Germany on March 30, 2008. BOAR
Golf Ball Blowing Golf Ball Blowing: Distance: 7 feet 2 inches. Ralf Laue. Ball rolled along floor with one breath. BOAR
Letter Opening Letter Opening: 1000: time: 29 min 3 sec. Ralf Laue.
Pancake Tossing Pancake Tossing: 2 minutes: Most: 416. Ralf Laue.
Tiddlywinks Tiddlywinks: Distance: Furthest: 2.5 miles. Ralf Laue (Germany) covered a distance of 4.255 km (2.5 miles) while tiddlywinking at the fair "Model and Hobby" in Leipzig on 30 September 2005. BOAR