Barry Kirk (Captain Beany)



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Bath Bath: Baked Beans: Longest: 100 hours. The longest recorded time for a sit-in in a bath of cold baked beans is 100 hours by Barry (Captain Beany) Kirk of Port Talbot, West Glamorgan (United Kingdom). Barry's 'Beanathon'was staged at the Aberavon Hotel from September 11 to 15 1986. BOAR
Beans On Toast-athon Beans On Toast-athon, Treadmill Trek.Beans on Toast on Plate held in one hand while walking on a treadmill. Time: 12 hours. Captain Beany
Running Running: Marathon: Holding Plate of Baked Beans: Fastest: 5 hrs 46 min 25 sec. Barry (Captain Beany) Kirk. Captain Beany from Port Talbot, Wales, United Kingdom set an unlikely wacky record attempt by conveyance of a plate of baked beans on toast during the Flora London Marathon 2008 on Sunday 13th April. The plate of baked beans on toast was conveyed by either left and right hand and Captain Beany did not 'spill the beans' during his epic twenty-six mile run in 5:46:25 seconds. (Captain Beany's run was sponsored by family bakers Warburtons and Branston Baked Beans.)