Alastair Galpin

Balancing, Base Balls, Candle Blowing, Clap, Cucumber Snapping, Eating, Egg Crushing, Gift Wrapping, Gloves, Hand Shake, Individual Hair, Largest Cartoon, Pricing Gun, Rhinestones, Rubber Bands, Snails, Socks, Stamp Licking, T Shirts, Underpants, Vinyl Record Smashing, Radio Interviews, Egg shelling, Side Jumps, Massage


Record for Alastair Galpin are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Balancing Balancing: Billiard Cue: 1 Finger (While Moving): 179.59 meters (589.06 lbs). Alastair Galpin.
Baseballs Baseballs: Held in 1 hand with Baseball Glove: 10. Alastair Galpin.
Baseballs Baseballs: Held in one hand palm down: Most: 4. Alastair Galpin.
Candle Blowing Candle Blowing: One Breath: Most: 144. Alastair Galpin (New Zealand) blew out 144 candles with a single breath in Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand on February 19, 2005. BOAR
Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt: Furthest Surface Journey in Male Chastity Device: 4,894.6 km (3,041.4 miles). Alastair Galpin. The journey began 22 Nov. 2014, in Denpasar, Indonesia and ended 37 days later in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. 

Clap Clap: Loudest: 110.44 dbA. Alastair Galpin.
Cucumber Snapping Cucumber Snapping: Most 75. Time: 1 min. alastair Galpin.
Eating Eating: Garlic Cloves: Most: 1 Minute: 7 Alastair Galpin.
Eating Eating: Jelly: With Chop Sticks: 1 minute: 410 grams. Alastair Galpin. Venue: The Ware House Shop, Sylvia Park, Auckland, New Zealand on oct 27th 2007.
Egg Crushing Egg Crushing: Head: 30 sec: 20. Alastair Galpin.
Egg Shelling Egg Shelling: Hard Boiled: 1 minute: 4. Alastair Galpin.
Gift Wrapping Gift Wrapping: Book: Fastest: 32.7. Alastair Galpin.
Gloves Gloves: Worn: 7. Alastair Galpin. Venue: The Old Homestead pt Chevalier, Auckland, New Zealand in May 2006
Hand Shake Hand Shake: Longest with Jesse Van Keken: Alastair Galpin. 9 Hours
Individual Hair Individual Hair: Chest: Longest: 60 mm. Alastair Galpin.
Largest Cartoon Largest Cartoon: 860sq metre (2820.8 ft). Alastiar Galpin.

Massage: Longest: 25 hours 4 minutes. Alastair Galpin. Beginning 29 November 2015 at 12:14 p.m. and ending 30 November at 1:18 p.m. Alastair performed a full-body massage on Nila Adha, having a 15-minute break every 8 hours.

Passport Page Passport Page: Longest: 28.8 inches (73.2 cm). Alastair Galpin.
Pricing Gun Pricing Gun: Fastest: 1 min: 28 Books. Alastair Galpin.
Radio Interviews Suspended in a Cage Radio Interviews Suspended in a Cage 59 feet from the ground: 98. Alastair Galpin. Alastair remained in a suspended cage for 21 days and conducted 98 radio interviews from countries around the world.
Rhinestones Rhinestones: Most: 31,680 on the body of Alastair Galpin by Mem Bourke between 12th-14th Nov 2006 at the Design to Wear at Auckland
Rubber Bands Rubber Bands: Worn on Head: Most 66 Time: 1 min. Alastair Galpin.
Side Jump Side Jump: 30 seconds: 51. Alastair Galpin.
Snails Snails: Face: 10 seconds: 8. Alastair Galpin.
Socks Socks: Worn on One Foot: Most: 74. Alastair Galpin. At the Design and wear on 7th Nov 2006 Auckland
Stamp Licking Stamp Licking: Most: 1 minute: 57. Alastair Galpin.
T Shirts T Shirts: Torn: 1 minute: 9. Alastair Galpin.
T-Shirts T-Shirts: Worn: Most: 120. Alastair Galpin. Venue: Collections Clothing Boutique, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand in May 2006
Under Pants Underpants: Worn: 20. Alastair Galpin.
Vinyl Record Smashing Vinyl Record Smashing: Most 20.Time: 30 sec. Alastair Galpin.