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Sports Records
KIds from various schools of Lahore set world records during Inter school sports event conducted by Sports Board Punjab. The attempts were made at Mashfitt Martial Arts club:


1- Most Push Ups in 30 seconds(under 7 male) : Six years old Muhammad Hamdan performed 46 push ups in 30 seconds. 


2-Most push ups in 30 seconds (under 7 female) : Mahnoor Qureshi performed 38 push ups in 30 seconds.


3- Most push ups in one minute carrying 20 pounds weight on back(under-16 male) : 14 years old Muhammad Musa performed 50 push ups in one minute carrying 20 pounds on back.


4-Longest Abdominal Plank( under 7 male): Six years old Ibrahim held the abdominal plank position for 10 minutes.


5- Longest time to balance Side Split between two chairs(under 12 male): Muhammad Rahim held the side split between two chairs for 5 minutes.


6- Most Squats in three minutes(under 12 female): Sabaoon Huma performed 191 squats in three minutes.


7- Most Full Contact Punches in 5 minutes(under 7 male): Mohammed Bin Muzaffar struck 1720 full contact punches in 5 minutes.