Leif Benwiourjean

Sprinting 100m with 50lb back pack


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100 Metres Cross Country Sprint
Leif Benwiourjean {GB} set a new RHR 100 meters cross country sprint carrying 60 lb back pack in a time of 18.43 secs. Set on 2 May 2014. Along the Heart of England Way official foot path Solihull UK.  

100m Cross Country Back Pack
Leif Benwiourjean {GB} sprinted 100 meters cross country {up grass path incline} carrying 20 lb back pack in 18:14 sec's. On 23 August 2014. Barston Village Solihull UK.  

Sprinting 100m with 50lb back pack

Sprinting 100m cross country with 50lb back pack in 18.44 secs. Venue: Heart of England Way Foot Path, Solihull, UK. Date: April 25th, 2014.