Shristhi Shrama

Limbo Skating


Record for Shristhi Shrama are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Limbo Skating The Record for the Limbo Skating of 3 kms is in 20 min 18 Sec and was achieved by Shristhi Sharma of India under the guidance of Skating Coach Suryakant Hindalgekar on 9 Aug 2013. IRHR.

Lowest Limbo Ice Skate


Record:The Record for the "Lowest Limbo Ice Skating over 10 meters at a height of 11.81 inches (30 cms)" was achieved by Shristi Sharma of Nagpur, India on 09/09/2016. She ?LIMBO? under horizontal bar and vertical support standing on a base. The pegs has support the bar will be horizontal so that at exact level may be recorded at the center of the bar. There was 11 limbo bars, evenly spaced with 1 meters between each bar, in a straight line over the ten meters course. Each bar was position at the same height and this height will be nominated height for the record. IRHR.