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The Most Chef's Hats Thrown At Same Time.


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Most People Playing Kazoo

The Most Number of People Playing the Song Happy by Pharrell Williams on Kazoo at the same time. 1475 Children and Teachers.

Venue:Hellesdon High School,Middletons Lane, Norwich, UK.

Organised bt Heart FM Radio.



Most People to do Zuma with Tutu

Most People to do Zumba while wearing a Tutu: 502

Organised by Heart FM.

Date: 18th Feb, 2017.

Venue: Open Venue, 20 Bank Plain, Norwich, UK.

Most Persons Making Heart Sign with Hands Most Persons making Heart Sign with Hands. 1023 persons at the same time made the famous Heart sign with their hands. This was set during a Cancer Research UK event called the Twilight. Date: 18th 0ctober, 2013. Venue: Norfolk Showground, Costessey, Norwich, UK.
The Most Amount Of People To Take A Bite Of A Doughnut At The Same Time The Most Amount Of People To Take A bite Of A Doughnut At Same Time. Most: 130. Date: 7th March, 2013. Venue: Cameo Hotel, Copdock, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.
The Most Chef's Hats Thrown At Same Time The Most Chef's Hat Thrown At Same Time. Most: 869. Date: 1st March, 2013. Venue: Thorpe St Andrew School, Norwich, UK.
Worlds Longest Zumba Dance

Worlds Longest Zumba Dance. 15 Hours, 15 Mins

At least 20 persons dancing at one time for the total time.

Venue: Sports Park at The University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

Date: 4th October, 2014.

Organised by Heart FM Radio.