Santhosh Malthukar

Martial Arts


Record for Santhosh Malthukar are displayed below:

Record NameRecord Description
Breaking Glass Planks on Head Breaking Glass Planks on Head. Most: 75. IRHR.
Breaking Glass Planks with head on Fire Breaking Planks with Head on Fire. (with protection) Most: 75
Flaming Concrete Blocks Broken Flaming Concrete Blocks Broken. Most: 30. IRHR.
Huck Kick Huck Kick. Most: 34. Time: 1 min.IRHR.
Weight Driven Over Stomach Weight Driven Over Stomach. 2 wheels from 5 sumo cars 1380kg including driver Andhra Pradesh. (plywood support plank) Time: 4 mins 55 secs. IRHR.