Record Holders

We have a large database consisting of Human Achievment World Record Holders and Breakers. Our Record Holders are listed below. For further information on a Record Holder, click their name.

UK Record Breaker's who are active can be found in alphabetical order in thier details below with all their other records.

Fred Burton Strongman, Peter Dowdeswell Eating and Drinking, Paddy Doyle Stamina and Endurance, Steve Buttler Stamina, John Evans Head Balancing Mini Car and other, Mick Gooch One Finger Push Up's, Dean Gould Beer Mat Flipping, Coin Snatching, Simon Plant Car Pulling.

Dean Gould, President / Founder. David Adamovich, US President. Deddy Corbuzier, Asian President Halim Sugiarto, Indonesia Vice President. Richie Magic, US Vice President. Thom Blacke, US Vice President. Peter Dowdeswell, UK Vice President. Dr Mark Yuree, Bangladesh Vice President. John Evans, UK Vice President Anna Nicholas, UK Vice President, Steve Buttler, UK Vice President.Kapil Kaira, India Vice President. Adam Gould, Australia President. David Kharatishvili, Georgian President.


S, Linawati
Sabarjit, Rishan Flag identification
Sabell, Michael Sign Language
Sahu, Anjali

The Record for the "Making an Sketch on Rice Grain with the help of Fine Paint Brush"


Sala, J. Duckpin Bowling
Salbishvili, Kukuri

RHR World Record Organisation Cup 2015 Records

Saleh, Sahani

Underwater Photography Exhibition.

Samelson, Peter Magic
SanchaBakhtiar, Oleg
Sanders, Kevin Motorcycling
Sandy, Joe Teaching (Magic)
Sanger, Stefanie Chiropractic (Chiromission)
Sankhla, Nandini Memorization
Saputra, Mukhtas Eating
Sarchian, Ron Punching Bag, Roundhouse Kicks
Satish, Master Gagan
Farthest Limbo Skating Under Cars
Say, Mark Eating
Sayyed, Ramjan Car Pulling
Scheid, Erik Concentration Playing
Schelder, Roman Hula-Hoop
Schmidt, Tobias Balloon
Schneider, Johann Push Ups
Schoeck, Chris "Wonder" Bar Bending
Schroder, Rainer Bed of Glass
Schuler, Ralf Balloon
Schult, Jurgen Frying Pan Throwing
Schulte, David Yo-Yo
Schulz, Axel Record Throwing
Schuster, Thomas Stamp Licking
Schwartz, William Duckpin Bowling
Schwarzkopf, Veronica Duckpin Bowling
Scoletti, Matthew

Weight Lifting

Scott, Chris Open Water Lake Swim
Seifert, Jorn Roller Skating
Seiken, Brian Eating
Seiler, Jens Typing
Seni Barli, Bale Painting
Septimo, Maximus

Bed of Glass

Setiadi, M. Rizki Motorcycle Stopie
Seven, Magnificent The First Combined Unbeatable World Record in History
Severn, Casey Human Blockhead
Shah, Manjit Duck Egg Art
Shah, Prof Ashif Most Omelettes Made
Shah, Taher

Shanker, Mridula Hula Hoop
Sharma, Visheswar Bed of Nails
Sharma, Jitendra Tiles
Sharma, Rajiv Wrist Snapping
Sharma, Shristi

Lowest Limbo Ice Skate

Shaw, John Human Blockhead
Shelley, Kevin Pine Board Breaking, Toilet Lid Breaking
Shepard, Mark Song Writing
Shetty, Dr Rohit Most Poem Books Published in a Year
Shintre, Milind Longest Story in Alliteration
Shipley, D. Duckpin Bowling
Shoudt, Bob Eating
Shpankhala, Manav 2,00,333 people on a 125 km land & water route
Shrama, Shristhi Limbo Skating
Shudarmono, Kabul Noodle Eating
Shukla, Amit Clapping
Shuttle Team Record, RHR Team Shuttle Sprint
Siagian, Andri Fransico Egg Eating
Signore, Jr., Pete Duckpin Bowling
Sijbrands, Ton Draughts
Sikun, Kardi Bin Wood Sawing
Silva Sankar, Sri Narayanan Longest Recitation of Marathon National Anthem
Sima, Michael Cup Stacking
Simmonds, Billy Bench Press, Squats
Simpson, Chip Burger Eating
Simpson, Rob Step Ups
Singh, Havinder Sit Ups
Singh, Shamsher Beard
Singh, Navneet Clapping
Singh, Paramjit Counting, Clapping
Singh, Guriqbal Memorization
Singh, Manjit Lifting Weight with Ears, Eye Socket
Sinner, Jurgen Organ Playing
Siswiyono, WR Tire Changing
Skating Club, Kaiga Rolling

Non Stop Backward Skating

Skorkovsky, Jan Soccer Ball
Skorkovsky, Jan Rope Skipping
Slaw, Jen Juggling (Huggling)
Slonina, Mike Basketball
Smith, Billy Eating
Smith, Robert Soccer Ball
Smith, J. Duckpin Bowling
Smith (aka Jimmy The Geezzer), James

Lat Pull-Down

Smith, Jr. , Rick Playing Card
Smythe, Tony Space Hopping
Snehil Prakruth, Master Nukathoti

Fastest Time To Recite

Snyder (Damien Blade), Danny Sword Swallow
Soechan, Lanny


Soechan, Lanny

Steam Cake

Solikhin, WR Tire Changing
Soni, Vijay Kumar Human Car Chain
Sookam, Narine Dat

Most Awards/Recognitions For Community Work

Soto, Justin Open Water Lake Swim
Soukup, B. Duckpin Bowling
Spalding, Steve Grape Catching
Spiderman Thomas, Donald After Dinner Speaking, Sermon
Spindler-Lischio, Kathy Duckpin Bowling
Spitfire, Alexander

Fire Eating


Spotts, Brian

Egg Balancing

Sprague (Lizardman), Erik Sword Swallow
Sprocket, Professor Human Blockhead
Sriram, B Memory Multiplications
Srivathsav, Raghav Spelling
St. Clair, S. Duckpin Bowling
Stafford, Rick Open Water Lake Swim
Steele, Chris Sword Swallowing
Steinert, M. Duckpin Bowling
Stepankova, Martina Cycling
Sterning, Christian Golf
Stevens, D. Duckpin Bowling
Stevenson, Karen Eating
Stokes, Jay Parachute Jumps
Straker, Vincent Space Hopping
Strehlau, Denis Rubik’s Cube
Strel, Martin Swimming
Strouzer, Julia Jewels Sword Swallow
Stuart, Red Sword Swallowing
Stuntz, J. Duckpin Bowling
Style (James Bond with a Stack of Coins), Justin Coin Manipulation
Suckow, Kai Beermat
Suga''i, Linawati Air Brush Whole Body
Sugiarto, Halim

Generations: Fun Walk: 46 (minimum 3 per generation). SMAN 19 Jakarta. On August 2, 2015, 1,600 persons from 46 generations with a minimum of 3 per generation walked 2.5 Km at Perniagaan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Suharno, WR Watermelon Breaking
Sukardi, Agus Gastronomy, Bitter Melon
Supermarket,PT, Hero Migration
Supermarket,PT, Hero
Suryanarayana, N.V.S

Most Degrees

Susilo, Abel Brata

Rubik's Cube

Suyono, WR Hair Hanging
Swencionis (Miss Bonnie Bullseye), Bonnie Knife Throwing
Swiss, Jamy Ian Magic
Syal, Dipak Rice
Sylvester, B. Duckpin Bowling
Sylvester, J. Duckpin Bowling