Record Holders

We have a large database consisting of Human Achievment World Record Holders and Breakers. Our Record Holders are listed below. For further information on a Record Holder, click their name.

UK Record Breaker's who are active can be found in alphabetical order in thier details below with all their other records.

Fred Burton Strongman, Peter Dowdeswell Eating and Drinking, Paddy Doyle Stamina and Endurance, Steve Buttler Stamina, John Evans Head Balancing Mini Car and other, Mick Gooch One Finger Push Up's, Dean Gould Beer Mat Flipping, Coin Snatching, Simon Plant Car Pulling.

Dean Gould, President / Founder. David Adamovich, US President. Deddy Corbuzier, Asian President Halim Sugiarto, Indonesia Vice President. Richie Magic, US Vice President. Thom Blacke, US Vice President. Peter Dowdeswell, UK Vice President. Dr Mark Yuree, Bangladesh Vice President. John Evans, UK Vice President Anna Nicholas, UK Vice President, Steve Buttler, UK Vice President.Kapil Kaira, India Vice President. Adam Gould, Australia President. David Kharatishvili, Georgian President.


Magic, Richie Cigarette Extinguishing, Nail Catching, Crickets
Magic, Richie Longest Ongoing Annual Magic Show
Magic, Monday Night Magic
Maharashtra, Dhanayya Gurulingayya Kavntagi
Maheshwari, Panna

Signitures on Rice Grains

Makisumi, Shotaro Rubik's Cube
Malatesta, Jan Most Persons Knitting
Maloy, Roy Stilt Walking, Fire Breathing
Malthan, Pat Duckpin Bowling
Malthukar, Santhosh Martial Arts
Mangal, Sababbi Calendar
Mangini, Mike Drumming
Mann, George Open Water Lake Swim
Mardianta, Meiliana Memory
Marino, Mike Open Water Lake Swim, 10K Relay Race, 5K Relay Race
Markelle, Ines Thriller Dance
Marsh, D. Duckpin Bowling
Martin, Dale Eating
Martin, T. Duckpin Bowling
Martin, Jim Court Case
Mathur, Payal Dance
Matsuzaki, Yuko Open Water Lake Swim
Matureli, George

World Record Organisation Cup Record

Maulana, Irpan Banana Breaking
Mayhem, Johnny Human Blockhead
McArthur, George Concrete Block, Sword Swallowing
McClintock, Reed Bed of Glass
McClure, Dustin Back Pack Run
McConnell, Roy Open Water Lake Swim
McCormack, Sean Open Water Lake Swim
McDaniel, Chris Whip Cracking
McDermott, Kimber Thriller Dance
McDonald, Helen Pea Pushing
McGirr, Eamonn Singing
McGuire, Jamie Sit Ups (frame)
Medellin, Jasper Chemical Elements
Meduna, Ray Eating
Meisenheimer, Jake Open Water Lake Swim,
Meisenheimer, Lucky Open Water Lake Swim, Yo Yo, Ear Wiggling, Swimming
Meisenheimer VII, John Open Water Lake Swim
Melhado, Richard Jack Motor Bike
Mellor, Reg Ferret
Menchetti, Joe Eating
Mendez, Camilo Grape Catching
Metzler-Mennenga, Kerstin Running (Backwards)
Meyer, Jake Mountain Climbing
Meyer, Dan Sword Swallowing
Meyers, Mark Open Water Lake Swim
MH Harahap, Rachmat
Miculek, Jerry Pistol Shooting
Middleton Grange Shopping Center, Middleton Paper Boat Floating
Miley, Jackie Largest Teddy Bear collection
Miller, Tom Bed of Glass, Bed of Swords
Miller, Seaver Eating
Miller, Ray Tennis
Mills, Steve Balancing, Unicycle
Mills, Anthony Unicycle
Mills, Michelle Unicycle
Ming, Bong Wei Locomotive
Mintz, M. Duckpin Bowling
Mirrione, John P. Push Up
Mishra, Manoj Balancing
Mishra, Gauri

Playing non stop piano

Modi, Shourabh Writing Shivraj Singh on Matchsticks
Mohan Rao, Suryadevara Ram Most Telegu Fiction Novels Authored
Moletteire, Joe Open Water Lake Swim
Montgomery, Madeleine Origami (Fortune Teller)
Moone, Dale Eating
Morgan, Peter Chiropractic (Chiromission)
Morris, Reg Cannonball Pushing
Morris, Tom Rope Skipping, Swimming
Morrison (The Great Cindini), Cynthia Bed of Nails, Broken Glass, Fire Eating, Hair Pulling, Hand Cuff, Leg Irons, Rolls Royce Pulling, Strait Jacket, Highland Games
Morton, Tom Memory
Mosier, Mark Burn
Moss, Larry Balloon
Moss, Eric

Bending Steel

Mota, Michael

Birthdate: Consecutive Generations

Mucignat, Gianni Ice Ball
Muellner, Franz Car Holding, Truck Pulling, Airplane Pulling, Bungee Holding
Mumau, K. Duckpin Bowling
Mundie, James Human Blockhead
Munoz, Abraham Soccer Ball
Munroe, Harry Knife Throwing
Murdoch, Jordan

Most Spicey Hot Chicken Wings Eaten in 2 mins

Murray, Tony Hopping
Muscillo, M. Duckpin Bowling
Musselwhite, Joe

Hand Grippers

Myrberg, Dale Yo-Yo