Record Holders

We have a large database consisting of Human Achievment World Record Holders and Breakers. Our Record Holders are listed below. For further information on a Record Holder, click their name.

UK Record Breaker's who are active can be found in alphabetical order in thier details below with all their other records.

Fred Burton Strongman, Peter Dowdeswell Eating and Drinking, Paddy Doyle Stamina and Endurance, Steve Buttler Stamina, John Evans Head Balancing Mini Car and other, Mick Gooch One Finger Push Up's, Dean Gould Beer Mat Flipping, Coin Snatching, Simon Plant Car Pulling.

Dean Gould, President / Founder. David Adamovich, US President. Deddy Corbuzier, Asian President Halim Sugiarto, Indonesia Vice President. Richie Magic, US Vice President. Thom Blacke, US Vice President. Peter Dowdeswell, UK Vice President. Dr Mark Yuree, Bangladesh Vice President. John Evans, UK Vice President Anna Nicholas, UK Vice President, Steve Buttler, UK Vice President.Kapil Kaira, India Vice President. Adam Gould, Australia President. David Kharatishvili, Georgian President.


Babu, Akshinthala Motionless
Bajpai, Radhakant Hair
Baker, J. Duckpin Bowling
Baker, Scott Sideshow Bally
Baker, John Basketball Hoops Fastest in 48 Contiguous US States
Baker, Jeremy



Baking Center, San Merio

Thematic Cookie

Balloonatic, Tim Balloon
Balsamo, John Chiropractic (Chiromission)
Bandung, HDCI
Bandung, City

Collaboration of Artists


Bandung, Karate Club


Bankens, Jeff Chain Breaking
Bapi Raju, Puppala Creation of Numbers to Pictures
Baraniuk, Daniel Pole Sitting
Barge Pull Team, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Barge Pull Liverpool to Leeds, UK. 3 Records

Barr, Stuart Dips, Para Jumps
Barrow, Gemma Eyebrow Waxing
Barry, Henry (Sonny) Carriage Bolt Bending
Barus, Milo Playing Cards
Barwell, Ami Balancing
Barwell, Mike Leapfrogging
Basit, M Abdul Motorcycle Stopie
Baskaran, I

Push Up Records

Basu, Parbatainath Eating
Bateman, Dean

RHR Record Organisation Cup 2015

Bathla, Aman

Most Notes Played on Piano

Beausoeil, L. Duckpin Bowling
Beg, Mirza Adnan
Playing Cards Memorizing.
begiashvili, David

Most Skips with Rope in 1 minute

Bell, Andi Memory
Bell, E. Duckpin Bowling
Bella, Ell

Strait Jacket

Bellino, Ricardo Multimillion Dollar Deal
Benbow, Allen Tennis
Bendikov, Alexander Matchstick Stacking (Bottleneck)
Benwiourjean, Leif

Sprinting 100m with 50lb back pack

Berglas, David Magic
Bernard, Jermaine Basket ball scoring, Medicine Ball, Wheel Barrow
Bernarding, J. Duckpin Bowling
Berry, Bill Sword Swallow
Bertoletti, Patrick Eating
Beruashvili, Levan

World Record Organisation Cup Record

Bezruchenko, Andrey Trampoline
Bhaliya, Kanji Steps Ascended and Decended
Bhardwaj, Dr Himmat

Memory Records

Bhaskaran, I Non Stop Rotation of Karla Katlai
Bhatta Charjee, Dubabrata

Uncommon Forefingers

Bilenka, Iryna Juggling
Bircher, Leo Balancing
Bisson, Amy Duckpin Bowling
Bista, Nirvana

Fastest Guitar Playing

Blackburn, Barbara Typing
Blacke, Thomas Balloon, Wrist Strap Escape
Blackthorne, Thomas Weight Lifting, Sword Swallow
Blaine, David Endurance Performance
Blair, Paul Hula-Hoop
Blair, David Marriages
Blair, Lauren Marriages
Blake, Eric Treadmill Running
Blizzard, Jr., W. Duckpin Bowling
Blue, Liquid Band
Bodla, Ahmad Amin Martial Arts Kicks
Bogor Indonesia, Bogor Agricultural University

Mozaic Pictures

Bohman, Josef Egg and Spoon, Three Leg Race
Bolfing, Chris Open Water Lake Swim
Booker, Eric Eating
Boone, Dale Eating
Borneo, Danny Human Blockhead
Borneo, East
Bourbon, Roger Running Waiter
Bove, C. Duckpin Bowling
Bowden, Mick Lands End to John O Groats. Marathon and 100 mile Bike Ride
Brabant, Ray "Buster" Gold Fish, Meal Worms
Bradac, Zdenek Juggling, Playing Cards, Golf Ball Holding
Brady, J. Duckpin Bowling
Bray, Doris Bath
Brenner, D. Duckpin Bowling
Brents, Frank Magic
Brereton, Vince Strict Burpees
Brian, Dominic memory
Bright, Norman Wayne 4-leaf clovers
Britten, Violeta Chilli and Curry Eating
Broken Bones, Aji

Guitar Playing

Brookfield, John Tractor Pulling
Brookz, Dick Magic
Brown, Tim Eating
Brown, John Paper Folding
Brown, D. Duckpin Bowling
Brown, Carl Full Contact Boxing Uppercut Punches
Bryce, Jonathon Escapes
Bryden, Mark Pole Climbing
Budianto, Agus Motorcycle Stopie
Bulot, Boyd Eating
Burhanudin, Andi Malik
Burrell, Stuart Arm Curls, Squat Lifting, Squat Thrusts, Weight Lifting
Burton, Fred Concrete Block, Dips, Hot Water Bottle, Log Carrying, Shuttle Run, Weight Lifting
Butler, Rod Kata Marathon
Buttler, Stephen Dips, Squats (on Fitness Ball)
Byers, Brad

Sword Swallowing, Bed of Nails, YoYo, Lawn Mower Balancing, Block Head

Byrd, C. Duckpin Bowling
Byrne, Ed Karate Chop
Byrum, B. Duckpin Bowling